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What to ask when looking for builder referrals


Once you’ve decided to build a home in the Brazos Valley, you have a multitude to of questions to answer. Where are you going to buy land in Bryan-College Station? What is your home going to look like? And, perhaps most important, who is going to build your custom home? Once you start to gather builder referrals, here are some questions that will help you narrow them down.

How much experience do you have building homes in Bryan-College Station?

General experience building homes is great, but there are advantages to using someone who is familiar with the unique topography of the Brazos Valley and specifics of Bryan-College Station communitiesYou’ll also want to be sure to research any potential builders, reading both positive—and negative—reviews and looking for any red flags.

Can you provide me with referrals?

Want to know what it’s really like working with a builder? Talk to people who already have. Be sure to ask:

  • Are you happy with your home, and why?
  • Did the process go smoothly?
  • Who was on site everyday?
  • How did the builder handle issues that came up?
  • How close was the finished home’s price to the original bid
Can you pass along some industry references?

Talking to a few suppliers and industry partners can help you feel secure about working with a builder.

Who’s going to be on site on a daily basis?

It’s a good idea to meet the General Contractor or job foreman ahead of time to ensure you have good rapport with your point person while building a house in Bryan-College Station.

What can I expect to see in the bid?

Some builders and contractors opt not to do an itemized bid, but this can cause problems down the line. A detailed bid that breaks out framing, plumbing, electrical, and all your finishes can help keep the project on budget and give you peace of mind.

What contingencies are included in the contract?

What happens in the case of materials shortages or weather delays? 

What should I consider when looking for Texas homesites

The right builder can provide important guidance that may help you choose the right Bryan-College Station acreage.

How will my budget and timeline be affected if I buy raw land versus improved land?

If you’re wavering between the two, this could be the deciding factor.

How long will it take to build my home?

Don’t expect a definitive answer. Things naturally come up when building a home. But you should be able to get a rough idea. Just as important is the start date. If one builder is too busy to start for several months, that might help you narrow down your options.

How will you handle delays that come up?

Having a solid contingency plan is critical.

Are you insured?

At the very least, you’ll want to make sure they have liability insurance and workers compensation for employees.

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