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How to Get Approved for Texas Veteran Land Loans and Financing

With a convenient, desirable location, beautiful scenery, easy access to veterans services, and a long list of activities and events, it’s no wonder Bryan-College Station is a favorite spot of Texas Veterans. What makes living in Bryan-College Station even better is being able to use Texas Veteran Land Loans and financing, which can make land ownership even more affordable. 

What are the Texas Veteran Land Loans available to Veterans?

Once you have decided to buy land in Texas, you are to be congratulated, for starters. Texas real estate is at the top of everyone’s list of best places to buy, representing some of the top land values in the nation.

For veterans, using a special loan offered by the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) can make their land purchase even more affordable.

The VLB Loan is for veterans who have served in any of the United States’ military branches and who are “bona fide” residents of Texas. Here are some more details of the VLB loan:

  • Only for properties in the state of Texas
  • Requires a minimum down payment of just 5%. The 5% down payment is the lowest down payment available in the state of Texas for a land loan.
  • Is available for land purchases of at least one acre
  • Caps the maximum land value to be financed at $100,000
  • Offers loan terms that are 30-year, fixed-rate
  • Also includes special discounts that are offered to disabled veterans and unmarried surviving spouses 

How to get approved for Texas Veteran Land Loans and financing

There are no income requirements for VLB loans, however there is a minimum credit score, just as with any mortgage. For the VLB loan, it is 620. Be sure to ask your financing professional for credit repair options if you do not yet have the credit score to meet the minimum requirement. In many cases, it can be improved enough to qualify in a matter of a few months depending on the starting score and specific entries on your credit report.

You can also check your eligibility for a VLB loan on their website. and get more information about specific types of VLB financing here.

King Oaks is home to a number of retired military, veterans and wounded warriors including Afghanistan Veteran U.S. Army Sgt. Monte Bernardo, who lost both legs and a hand while serving in Afghanistan in 2012. Sgt. Bernardo received the keys to his new mortgage-free custom-built home in King Oaks in March 2014. Operation FINALLY HOME and SouthStar Communities have now partnered on 10 homes for wounded veterans and their families.


For more information about the TVLB program or about living at King Oaks, visit the website.

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