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Resident Testimonials

Read what some of our residents have to say about life at King Oaks!

Mike and Cynthia Funderburk

FunderburksLiving in King Oaks over the last five months has been such a positive change in the life of our family. We were so caught up in the hustle and bustle of suburbia that we were exhausted.  At school, the kids felt pressure to measure up, while we parents were feeling the pressure to ‘go’ and ‘do’ or ‘buy’  more of this and that.  The kids even became indifferent about their grades.  Ironically, our yard even seemed to have gotten smaller as our children continued to grow!

Needless to say, we wanted space for the kids to be kids and family time to consist more of quality time than material ‘things’ to be a source of contentment.  In order for this change to occur we knew we had to consider schools.

When we discovered King Oaks we discovered Iola Schools.  They are small, close knit, and built on a strong foundation.  With a smaller student/teacher ratio, there is a focus on principles, integrity, and respectful character (qualities sought after in a private school setting).  We decided the outlook was good and we would continue pursuing the purchase of our new house!

Since attending the schools, our boys have become more confident academically and socially. For example, not only do they have all A’s and B’s, they have found a new level of involvement in Friday Night Lights where every child, K-12, can be involved at so many different levels during football season.  There is even a cheer camp for aspiring cheerleaders!

First impression, lasting impression. We were first taken on a tour of the school by a graduating Senior at the end of the last school year.  She is currently attending college and still comes back on Friday nights for football games, as do many other graduates. The close knit family atmosphere at any function is heartwarming.  Frankly, it says to us, ‘Welcome Home’!

Jacob (JD) Funderburk

Let me say first off that I love King Oaks!  Everyone is super nice and there are tons of community activities for everyone to get to know each other.

I grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and had 30+ kids in my class at  a school of over 150 kids in my grade.  The teachers didn’t really get to interact with the students that much. In my new school, Iola, I have 35 kids in my grade (8th)! That equates to 15 per class.  All of the teachers are super nice and helpful and the kids are very welcoming and friendly. 

In King Oaks, the nature trails are great!  I have seen so many deer around my house and  on my way to the fishing pond.  And there you will find many large mouth bass!!!  The community and school  is wonderful and I am much happier down here than I was  where I use to live.

So take off your coat and stay awhile…I bet you’ll like it!

Christian Funderburk

I used to go to a large elementary school which had a lot of kids.  Now, there are a lot less kids in my new school – including Jr. and Sr. High! It is a whole lot better. The teachers get a lot more one-on-one time with you. 

I Love IOLA!

Now, King Oaks is so awesome! Everyone is so friendly. We have a pond, water tower, and a whole lot of space.  We have a large lot which feels like several lots compared to what we used to have. When our family goes outside in the morning for coffee or for juice.on our back porch, we get to listen to the birds and it is so quiet!  King Oaks is the best neighborhood ever!

Erica Archer, from Duck Haven in College Station

We wanted a balance of community and country while getting our kids into a smaller school district. The location is far enough from the city but close enough to still be convenient to work, grocery stores, restaurants and church.

The gorgeous trees set King Oaks apart from other communities. My husband says the way the light hits the trees reminds him of where he grew up.

Brad Muchow, from Austin’s Colony in Bryan

We chose King Oaks for several reasons — large lots, lower tax rates, and the amenities that the neighborhood offers, but the biggest reason is for the schools. My wife and I both grew up in small town schools and wanted the same for our children. 

The closeness of neighbors is what I think sets King Oaks apart from other communities. While our slab was being poured, I met four other neighbors that stopped by to say, “Welcome.”  It seems like every time we stop and check out the progress of our new home, we meet a new neighbor, everyone is super friendly.

Brenda Hefner, TAMU Corps Area Housing Office Manager

I think King Oaks actually chose us. We had land elsewhere and were just out driving one day and stumbled upon King Oaks. It was love at first sight. We sold our property the next week and bought our lot in King Oaks.

I think it’s the best of all worlds. It is country living, but I can be to work on campus in 20 minutes. I don’t get stuck in traffic jams and I may pass some deer and rabbits on the way.  Nature has been a great addition to our lives since moving out here. I don’t think we could ever live in town again.

I won’t lie, the pool was a huge attraction for me.  We were going to put a pool in but the community pool was almost done when we moved in.  We learned of the close-knit community after we built and love it. We have the best neighbors in the world. 

Kristin Chaney Lyzak, TAMU Clinical Assistant Professor 

My husband and I fell in love with the community the first time we drove through.  From the covered bridge to the nature trails, it is such a serene environment.  It feels good to come home to King Oaks everyday! 

For us, King Oaks offered amenities we were looking for not only to support an Internet business but also for recreational use.

From King Oaks, it is an easy drive from campus and completely worth my time for the benefits of living in a community like King Oaks, surrounded by trees, ponds, and the friendliest people you'll ever meet!

For me, working at a university with such long-standing traditions and collegiality and having such a wonderful community to come home to, is the best of both worlds.

Brian Molhusen, former Minnesota resident and TAMU Executive Professor

We wanted to retire in a college community because of all the benefits and events a university provides. 

We chose King Oaks because we wanted the privacy the lots provide, but with a sense of community. We wanted the country feel, with the convenience of the Bryan-College Station area being close.

I think King Oaks is different from the rest of the area because of the country feel. Also the majority of the people moving into the development are moving from other areas and excited about meeting their new neighbors. 

The amenities are nice, and the swimming pool was a nice addition. We like walking and taking advantage of the nature area.

Robert Roubion, from South Hampton in College Station

We chose King Oaks because it combines the serenity of country living with the convenience of being close to a town that has everything we need.  We felt like we were getting more value for our investment in King Oaks compared to other up and coming neighborhoods in College Station and Bryan.

It's quiet and peaceful, and the natural landscape is refreshing.  It seems tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. The location was important ... we're still close enough to all the "amenities" in town, and we're not far from work.  We love being in a natural setting where you can hear crickets, frogs, and birds, instead of traffic. We enjoy seeing the deer running around out there, too. 

We had considered buying a lot in King Oaks years ago, but the recent addition of the pool/amenity center made it a lot more attractive to us because we have young children.  We have heard wonderful things about the Iola School District, and our children will start there next school year.  Everyone that we have met in the community has been so friendly and welcoming ... we are very thankful to have such wonderful neighbors.